Top 6 Beer Apps That You Can Download

The world is now technologically advanced. Everything is at your fingertips. To make things even easier, various apps help you to get information or purchase things using your mobile apps. These make things convenient and quick.

You can now find apps for everything from getting traffic updates, news updates or playing casino games. Now you can play these games on the go by using casino apps like Vegas royal.

If you are a drinker, then you will find several beer apps that can help you choose the right beer for the evening or get information about the best pub in town. Here are some top-rated bear apps in Montreal that can help you stay informed about beer.


This app will tell you specific things about beer. For example, which glass to use for certain types of beer, or which food goes with what beer. This app can be very helpful when you are inviting people at home, so you know which beer will go with what dishes.

postimage Top 6 Beer Apps That You Can Download Next Glass - Top 6 Beer Apps That You Can Download

Next Glass

Download this app and mention any five beers that you like. Based on your selection, the app will learn about your taste and next time recommend you different beers that you may like.


This app will give you the recipes of different beers so that you can make these beers at home. You can use these ingredients to prepare beer in the MiniBrew machine.

postimage Top 6 Beer Apps That You Can Download BreweryMap - Top 6 Beer Apps That You Can Download


This is a great app to download if you want to find the best brewery near your home. You just need to provide the location and the app will tell you about the breweries nearby.


If you feel too lazy to go out for food or drink, this app will deliver your favourite food or drink at your doorsteps within an hour or less. It also has a live tracker, so you know where the delivery boy is in real-time.


If you download this app, you can get one drink every day in many bars in the city. Using this app, you will know about different beers and places where you can have them. This is a very useful app, especially if you love to drink and spend the weekend in a bar.

These apps will help you to know more about beer and the places where you can get them. You should download some of these apps to make your life easier.