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Welcome! This magazine is about the wines and beers in Montreal and the suppliers of beers and wines. Montreal is the largest city in Quebec, which is the French-speaking province of Canada.

So, this place has a lot of French influence. Like the people in France, people here also enjoy drinking beer and wines.

On any occasion, you will see the bars fill up with people in a happy mood spending some time with friends and colleagues. There are many independent wine shops and bars in Montreal.

Eastern Township, a rural area, is very close to Montreal and this place has more than 20 wineries. So, now you know why people in Montreal are fond of wines and beers.

In this magazine, you will learn about the different kinds of beers and wines that are available in Montreal. You will also find information about the suppliers and how they import or produce drinks. You will learn about breweries and wineries.

If you are new in Montreal, then this magazine will help you to choose the right place to have drinks. To have a better knowledge of the wine business, you can go on winery tours and you will get information about these tours here.

The articles here are well researched and they will give you a big picture of the wine and beer industry in Montreal. You will know about the supply chain and production of wines and beers. It is your ultimate platform to become a wine and beer expert.

Apart from articles, you will find interviews with the wine and beer suppliers and learn about their experiences. You will see lovely pictures of beautiful wineries. If there is a new bar or wine store in Montreal, you will get the news here too.

So, for learning more about the beer and wine industry in Montreal, subscribe to our magazine today! You will gain a lot of knowledge about beer and wine which will make it easy for you to choose the best drink when you are at the bar.

You will be able to differentiate between good quality wine and wine that aren’t that good. That way you can suggest your friends also which drinks to try. We hope you will enjoy reading our magazine and become a beer and wine expert.